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Value and entropy.

The money and the entropy.

The money represents the order of nature, in the natural resources, in the goods we have produced, in the society we have built up and even in the order we have been given in the brain when we have managed to learn something valuable.

Entropy is the physical measure of the disorder and the entropy law states that with each physical and chemical process, the entropy of the universe will not decrease. In the production of a natural product or industrial product, an order is being developed that makes the product valuable for us, but in total it results in more and more disorder in the universe. For example, a mechanical machine uses energy to make a work, but a large part of this energy is excreted as heat, and that means increased entropy. It follows from the first and second main sentences of thermodynamics, and the second is also called the entropy law. The money represents the value of the work that has been carried out, but the heat also represents a certain order that can be of value for us, until we have received temperature equalization. The money represents the order of nature, in the natural resources, in the goods we have produced, in the society we have built up and even to in the order we have been given in the brain when we have managed to learn something valuable. It is with our own subjective assessment that we determine how much an item is worth to us and the money is symbolic of this valuation. Nevertheless, we can’t dismiss the capitalism as if there were to be only subjective assessments, for it corresponds to physical realities, it is the earned physical order that makes the goods valuable for us, and therefore there has been no real alternative to capitalism. The money represents a real resource that we need to solve future tasks with, whether it be economic or ecological problems. Then the question is how to do the management.

Total energy unchanged.

In any physical and chemical process, the total energy is unchanged, the energy of the universe is constant. When we say that we burn energy or that we have to save energy, it’s the ordered energy we’re talking about. What happens at the combustion is that it becomes more disordered, the entropy increases. The vegetation absorb energy from the sunlight and store it as it grows. Some of this turns into food for animals and humans, where the order is partially broken down in the combustion and some of it is built up in a new order. When we burn wood, we also use this energy, but when we burn fossil organic matter, we use remnants of organic matter that have been earned over millions of years, and with our high consumption there is no longer balance between production and consumption, so it can’t continue very long. Instead, we must aim to use more renewable resources. Energy economies and the understanding of the underlying physical order must become fundamental to political thinking, where we value the order in nature, in the goods we produce and the society we have built up, so with political considerations we weigh those values against each other; what should be torn down and what should be built up, because  according to the entropy-law we tear down more than we build up. Then we must also bear in mind that organic life reproduces itself and this production can be very good economy for us. We can compare these policy assessments with our subjective assessments that help determine the price of an item, but the difference is that we try to use science to envelop and supplement the market economy with more long-term assessments.

Developing countries

When we get order in our heads and think constructively, it often results in us constructing and producing goods that are of value for us. But we do it most often by breaking down fossil organic matter, it was that technology and the use of electric power that made the Western world industrialized. As we wish other countries to come after us in the development, we should encourage them to develop and use new technology that doesn’t use as much oil and doesn’t pollute as much. In warmer areas, for example, it may be a good idea to build greenhouses of solar panels that protect the plants from the sunlight and that charge  battery to electric cars, bicycles and electrical appliances, such as pumps for irrigation systems and  evaporator that make fresh water from seawater. This should be a good strategy in dry areas like east Africa.

China and India has lately been quickly developing countries, but wouldn’t it then have been a good idea to go for new technology? If each Chinese replaces the bike with a petrol or diesel drive  car, then there will be a big increase in the consumption of oil and in a few years they may find that it is already obsolete technology. It would be much better if they were betting on electric cars and bikes. New technology is often expensive, but it’s usually just to get over the top of a hill, mass production results in decreasing prices.

Our heavenly Fader and his children.

Let’s talk and try to find out what is right.

Imagine a man gets a wife and she gives birth to their child. Maybe it cries, but she understands what it means and takes care of it the way a good mother should do. Later it tries to say some words and they are just glad to hear that and tries to talk with it a little.

They wouldn’t say that what you say is wrong, so you’d better shut up. Neither would God. Jesus said that when you, who are evil, knows how to give your children good gifts, how much more shall our heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him for it. He gives us his Word from heaven and the Holy Spirit reveals it for us. In this way he raises us, teaches us and takes care of us as his children.

Natural science and technology is experimental. We prepare the experiment in a rational manner and then observe what happens. We try to understand it, propose hypothesis and talk about it. We try it in new experiments and after a hypothesis have not been falsified in such a process, it becomes a theory. Then quite a lot of hypothesis may have been falsified. But it was good that we could think and talk and try to find out what was right, without any fear of anyone who might want to punish us for thinking and saying something wrong.

He touched me.

In Genesis.1 it is told that in the beginning god created heaven and earth. His spirit was over the ocean, then he said it should become light and so it happened. He said what should happen and so it happened, so he continued to create this way. At last he created humans in his image, to be men and women.

And we can compare us to him when we do an experiment, we construct and create it and then we watch what happens. But as I studied real sciences, I also talked with him. We worship him by giving him our body as a living offer, it is like an experiment, but now the point is that he touches us with his Spirit and talks to us. That makes us glad and makes us talk to him and praise him. So we sing the well known christian song: ” He touched me”. I praise him with my heart, but also with my intelligence, that has become important to me when I studie real sciences. But he gives me a peace that surpasses my understanding.

Jesus is the last Adam.

The first Adam lived in fellowship with God, but fall out of it and was condemned to death. There is talk of a man and his wife, but sin and death penetrate to every human being. But Jesus lived a sacred and sin free life here on Earth. Yet he was condemned to death, but he died for us all, he sacrificed his body to take away our sin and pay for our debts. But he was without sin, so death could not hold him, he rose from the death on the third day, assembled his disciple and gave them the Mission Commandment, but they should stay in Jerusalem, until they got what was promised from heaven.

Then he was taken up to heaven and sat by the Father’s right hand and then he sent the Holy Spirit to his disciples. And they went out and preached the gospel to anyone they met.

This is how God reconciled the world to himself. On that basis we get into such a relationship with God as the people were in before the fall of sin, but now Christ is the last Adam, who is from heaven and that for us has become a life-giving spirit. God creates us in Christ and then he creates us in accordance with the second creation story, in 1. Mos. 2.

The gospel of Jesus is the right solution to our fundamental problems.

In our daily life we face problems, this is quite natural and it is crucial to manage to solve problems, both in practical work and in social relations between humans, in education, science and technology. So it is crucial to be able to solve problems and create something that is valuable to us.

But when it comes to fundamental thinking, the world has problems with itself. The solution is the gospel of Jesus Christ, he is the word of God and the Holy Spirit revelations that makes us know him and that makes us know God. He is a good Father that will take care of us as his children and in that way he cares about what he has created.

“Faith and entropy”, theology – philosophy – science.

In the middle age there was a dispute about universalis, like dog, man, was this the real thing or was it only partikularia like Snoopy and John that existed. When the new natural science was developed, another dispute replaced it, was the method empiric (a view-point more like the partikularia view-point) or was it rationalistic (more like the universalis view-point). The conclusion is that it is both, it is hypothetically deductive.

In our time we can also think of quantum mechanics and compare particularia and empiri to an elementary particle and compare universalis and rationality to the wave-function. And compare a single person to an elementary particle. It is free to choose, but the wave-function is not changed. More generally we can think and believe that there are ideas behind it all that are not altered but determines what shall happen and what can happen.

In the Old testament a tribe or a people is called by the name of their forefather, like Israel, Juda, Efraim, Manasse, Edom and so on. So the name of a particular man (particularia) man is used for a whole people, more like a universalis, then. This suits with modern genetics and the text has obviously an understanding of the struggle for life. So what evolution theory is not as strange to this as it often is presented. But the conclusion is that God is creating the evoution anyway.

My point now is that as we are reconciled with God, we can think of agriculture, fishery, economy, science and technology as cultivating and protecting the garden of Eden and eat from the fruits on the trees. Then it is not a good idea to choose to eat form the tree that gave knowledge of good and bad (morality), the result was that they could no longer choose from the trees in the garden, the end of the story was death. So it is much better to choose to eat from the other trees. Nowadays we have many subjects at schools and universities, with many ideas that are like universalis. I think of this as the trees in the Garden of Eden. As long as you don’t eat from the tree that gives knowledge of good and bad (moral philosophy) you are free to choose fruit from the different trees. Similarly you can pick a topic from a subject and use it for your good. And likewise you can choose to pick a fruit from the tree that gives eternal life. Jesus is the Word of God, when we choose to believe in him, we find we find that he gives us spirit and life. is called “Faith and Entropy”, entropy is a measure of disorder, in any energy-process the total entropy is increased, so it will be more and more disorder. Locally the entropy may decrease, if only it increases more outside. Anything that is of value to us has a certain kind of order and we work to make such values. When we try to learn something, we establish a kind of order in our minds, our brains and our hearts, but we know very little about how this information is represented and stored. Then the ideas in our minds may become quite different form what we see around us, but with such good ideas we can make something that is of value for us in our surroundings.

We can very well believe that God originally created there is, that he originally made that high order. And when we reconcile with him, he will do his work inside us with his Word and his Spirit. Jesus is the Word of God and when we believe in him, we get an order in our mind, in our hearts and in our brains, in our thinking. This is of great value to us, both for this life and for eternity, because in Jesus we get eternal life.

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